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  • مدرسة ومربية فلبينية خبرة الامارات والسعودية وهونج كونج متوفرة داخل المكتب مع التجربة والضمان ​/ موبايل + واتساب: 011 971 52 450 8035premium ad

  • 5Housemaid in and outside the country from all the nationalities... read more

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  • 2Al Khalidiyah Labor Supply Office, We would like to inform you that we have Filipino female employees, the girl with the highest respect, the experience of the UAE, know all the... read more

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  • 2Al Khalidiyah Labor Supply Office. We would like to inform you that we have Filipino female servants, respectable girls, UAE experience, experienced Kuwait, know all the jobs in... read more

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  • We would like to inform you that we have maids of Filipino nationality, experienced daughter of the Emirates, know every job of the house, take care of children, p ready to cook... read more

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  • E have available housemaid in our office from philpen and we supply housemaid from Oganda and Kinia and philpen we have available Caergevir and Naiers to take care people sick... read more

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  • Alsafwa Manpower Supply Provide immediately Domestic Helpers with our office Guarantee we have Maids/ Nannies/ Babysitters/ Cook/ Drivers/ Cleaners/ Beautician/ Caregiver/ we... read more

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  • Office Served in Abu Dhabi We have Filipino, Indonesian and first - time service and cooks at a lower price than a market ​/ Mobile: 011 971 50 692 6912

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  • Labour suppl SERVICES is a professional housemaid Supply company providing highly trained House maids from Philippines, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal. These... read more

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  • SUPERIORS HUMAN RESOURCES Consultancy L C is a leading brand in International recruitment consultancy for the last 3 years located at United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi. We do... read more

  • Companies or suppliers for auxiliary workers (servants and nurses) are required only female Filipino, Indonesian, Ethiopian, Indian and Sri Lankan... read more

  • Dubai Management Office Under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, we provide you with the best domestic labor from cookers/ babysitters/ nurses/... read more

  • If you need housemaid nanny or cleaning Ethiopian housemaid please contact me... read more

  • Hello maddam we have housemaids Ethiopians, they have all experience gulf country and thay know speak English & Arabic they know how to cook Arabic food very well, they can take... read more

  • Ceramic teachers are required/ monthly salary + transfer sponsorship on the company ​/ Mobile & Whatsapp: 011 971 55 211 7880

    شارع دلما - آل نَهيان - أبو ظبي - الإمارات العربية المتحدة
  • We have Teachers, Nannies, Housemaids, Caregivers (Male/ Female) Nurses (Male/ Female) and Drivers (Male/ Lady) available in United Arab Emirates with 3 Months Guarantee from... read more

    152 - Sheikh Zayed Road - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • We have Experienced Lady and Male Drivers with United Arab Emirates, GCC and Home country Driving License with less salary from Philippines, India, Africa and Pakistan inside the... read more

    53 - 58a Street - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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