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About Mourjan.com

  • In 2010, Mourjan.com was founded.

    With over 15 years of experience in the field of classifieds and IT solutions, we - the team behind Mourjan.com - were looking for a new venture and specifically in the fast evolving World Wide Web.

    While online classifieds was not something new and with many top of mind classifieds websites, we knew that in order to succeed we had to deliver something new. Therefore, we started working on Mourjan.com with a main concern of achieving a fast performing website with an Arabic oriented search engine which would deliver a pleasant experience for users who are seeking an apartment to rent or a car to buy.

    In mid-2012, Mourjan.com was faster than ever and in response to the overwhelming users’ feedbacks, the site enabled its users with free online ad posting in their countries of choice while always adopting the latest techniques and trends in website development and having users’ best interest at heart.

    Currently, we are still working on improving Mourjan.com and providing new services. Some services that we see to be helpful and other services that you might simply ask us for. Let us know your opinion.

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    • Mourjan.com, 4th floor, Bld 1440, New Slav street, Dekwaneh, Lebanon

    • +961 70 424 018
                  +20 109 136 5353

    • Monday to Friday
      7:00AM to 3:00PM GMT


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