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  • How it works?

    Buy days of premium ad listing and make your ad more prominent and highlighted to attract a greater level of interest and make it easier to be found.

    You can buy here more days and benefit from exclusive packages:


    Prices are in US dollar may be subject to VAT (value-added tax).

    After you buy days of mourjan  PREMIUM1 day  will be deducted daily until:

    • The specified days have expired
    • You have 0 days left in your balance
    • You chose to end the premium ad listing
    • You chose to completely stop the ad

    You can choose to stop or cancel your ad at any time.

  • How to buy it

    A) Using your credit card

    mourjan PREMIUM DAYS can be purchased directly using your credit card. Choose the card that is best suitable for you or keep on reading to find out other payment options.


    B) Using PAYPAL

    If you have a PayPal account and would like to purchase mourjan PREMIUM now, click on the button below or continue reading for alternatives


    C) Downloading the APP

    As an alternative, mourjan PREMIUM can be purchased through mourjan app for Apple and Android. If you do not have mourjan app yet and would like to download it, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your mobile and search for mourjan. You can also click on one of the below to go directly to the app page.

  • Why PREMIUM ads matter

    PREMIUM ads are highlighted in relevant search results, displayed at the top of the page to reach maximum visibility and are designed with a gold look and feel so that they stand out to users amongst the other listings.

    How PREMIUM ads make a difference for you

    We noticed that PREMIUM ads generate more views and engagement compared to the other listings. You get more users seeing your full ad and therefore increase your chances towards asking for viewing, visiting or other requests depending on what you are displaying.

    • Premium ads are always displayed on top of the list and above regular free ads.

    • Premium ads have a golden background color to attract readers' attention.

    Desktop Website
    Mobile Website
    Mourjan App (Apple|Android)

    • Premium ads are rotated and displayed on top side of other section pages to allow maximum exposure. (available only on the desktop version of the website)

    Top Side
    On Hover Expansion

    • Premium ads are rotated and displayed on the bottom of other section pages to allow maximum exposure. (available only on the mobile version of the website)

    Bottom Banner

    • Finally, premium ads have a premium ad label which reflects more credibility to the ad listing.