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Make your ad premium with Mourjan gold

One Mourjan gold is equal to one day of premium ad listing. click on premium ad to find out more about premium listing service.

Pricing for Mourjan gold packages are as follows:

    • 1 Gold
    • =
    • 1 USD
    • 7 Gold
    • =
    • 5 USD
    • 14 Gold
    • =
    • 9 USD
    • 21 Gold
    • =
    • 13 USD
    • 30 Gold
    • =
    • 18 USD
    • 100 Gold
    • =
    • 50 USD

nb: prices are in US dollar and may be subject to VAT (value added tax)

Also please note that if for example you choose to make your ad premium for 10 days for the value of 10 gold, the 10 gold will not be instantly deducted from your balance. Instead 1 gold will be deducted on daily basis for each new day of premium listing until:

  • the specified 10 days have expired
  • you have 0 gold left in your balance
  • you chose to end the premium listing
  • you chose to stop the ad

How To Buy Mourjan Gold?

Mourjan gold can be purchased directly using your credit card. Click on the cards to choose/purchase the package that is best suitable for you or keep on reading to find out other payment options.

Also, Mourjan gold can be purchased using PayPal

If you have a PayPal account and would like to purchase gold now, click on the suitable button below or continue reading for alternatives

Buy now with PayPal

Buy now with PayPal

As an alternative, mourjan gold can be purchased through mourjan app for Apple and android. If you do not have mourjan app yet and would like to download it, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store from within your mobile and search for mourjan or click on one of the images below to go directly to the app page:

Buying Gold Using Mourjan App

Click on one of the walkthroughs found below to find a step by step guide for buying mourjan gold in accordance to your mobile device:


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