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  • شركة تنظيف ومكافحة حشرات تنظيف السجاد والموكيت تنظيف أطقم الكنب والمجالس تنظيف الستائر والمفروشات تنظيف الأرضيات بمختلف أنواعها بلاط رخام - باركيه تنظيف وتعقيم الحمامات ازالة الدهون والزيوت من المطابخ تنظيف وتعقيم خزانات المياه تنظيف الأحواش وأسطح المنازل مكافحة الحشرات بجميع أنوعها الصراصير والفئران والحشرات الزاحفة وأعمال الرمة (النمل الأبيض مع الضمان) ​/ موبايل + واتساب: 011 971 55 553 4173premium ad

  • 11 - Sterilization and disinfection of buildings, villas, apartments, offices and cars from viruses and bacteria. 2 - Cleaning villas, apartments, buildings, offices, and kitchens... read more

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  • 2Our company provides the best services for cleaning, sterilization and pest control General cleaning and sterilization of villas, apartments, houses, carpets, corner carpets... read more

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  • 2Talents Company for Pest Control and Cleaning and sterilizing villas, apartments, offices, buildings, palaces, restaurants, cleaning, carpets, sofa, carpet, steam, curtains, with... read more

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  • Cleaning and Cleaning and Cleaning of Tanks and Cleaners Cleaning, and Polishing of Marble and Ceramics Combating all types of insects, reptiles, rodents and termites. Cleaning of... read more

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  • Talents Company for Pest Control and Cleaning is the best company for cleaning, sterilizing and controlling pests and providing the best cleaning services, cleaning and... read more

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  • General cleaning villas and buildings Cleaning and polishing marble and ceramics Cleaning the kitchen of oil Cleaning of the beds and carpets with the drying Fighting all types of... read more

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  • Star creativity pest control and cleaning services ​/ Mobile & Whatsapp: 011 971 50 413 1354Email:

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  • Cleaning services Company Cleaning ​/ Mobile & Whatsapp: 011 971 56 537 3367

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  • Sterilize and disinfect buildings, villas, apartments and office from viruses and bacteria. Cleaning of villas, apartments, buildings, offices and kitchens. Combating all types of... read more

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  • Sterilization and disinfection of all buildings, villas, apartments, offices and cars from viruses and bacteria, cleaning apartments, buildings, villas, kitchens, offices, carpet... read more

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  • We OFFER 30% (Back to School Special Offer/ Discount) for all services. AL IBDAA Cleaning & Pest Control Company is aiming to provide the Best Services that you deserve. We... read more

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  • 1 Cleaning and disinfection company in Abu Dhabi We offer 50% discount 24 - hour service to communicate 0545509642 Clear marble, ceramic tiles, cleaning apartments, offices... read more

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  • Our lives are sweeter. The most beautiful. The finest. We offer all cleaning and sterilization services. 1 - sterilizing and disinfecting buildings, villas, apartments, offices... read more

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  • 2 General cleaning company, there are 50 liabilities to communicate 0562798804 sterilization, cleaning of villas and apartments, new and old buildings, polishing the floors and... read more

  • 1We offer a discount of 50 to communicate 0563626828 on all services. Carpet cleaning works provide carpeting, carpet cleaning and removal of fats from the kitchen with... read more

  • Hello hope you find this help full We have good and hard working maids for 2 years contract, 6 months and 1 years contracts. just get in touch with us alward aljoory cleaning and... read more

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